Ability to add institutional email address to paperpile account

I only use my gmail address internally (I forward mail from my institution address to the gmail account, but never give my gmail address out).

I would like to associate my institutional email with paperpile, so that when I share a paper it is used instead of the gmail account. This would also make it easier for other users (who would only have my institutional account, which is published on my papers) to share papers with me.

I believe this functionality should be easy to add, since it is only a replacement string for the sharing functions.


This is an important request. I also have to use an institutional e-mail and when people share papers with me they usually use this e-mail. I will then have to ask them to link the papers with my Gmail address. So it would be great to have 2-3 addressed pointing to the same account, if that is possible.

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@cox and @tkurth: Multiple accounts always get me confused so I’m sorry if I’m slow. It seems there are two problems here.

  1. If you share a paper with someone else your gmail address is used and you want to use your institutional address.

  2. Second, when somebody shares a paper with you they user your institutional address and you want it to be linked to your gmail.

I can understand (1) which would mean your colleagues always see one canonical email address of yours. I’m not sure about the practical problem with (2) though. The sharing email will end up in the right inbox and you can see what they’ve shared. The PDF download links in the private sharing links are not tied to a specific account so it should not amke any difference. You can share these private links with anyone.

I would be very happy if you could implement (1) only, giving us the option of a “display email” or “send emails as”.

@stefan sorry to be bumping this quite old thread, but Re problem 2 above: although the sharing email will end up in the correct inbox eventually, my experience has been that the shared folder is not accessible via paperpile. To achieve that, I always need to ask the sender to resend the invite to my paperpile email.

This problem is relevant for institutional vs private gmail accounts; I imagine most paperpile users use personal accounts because we may change institutions. It’s also relevant for email aliases within the same google account, such as those with varied dots, which all map to the same account (see Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses - Gmail Help). I wonder if it’s possible to register authenticated email aliases in paperpile settings?

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@wsdewitt Thank you for bumping this thread. It’s not currently possible to register authenticated email aliases. I’ve brought your use case to the team’s attention and it should be addressed with the release of the new Paperpile sharing features.

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