Ability to reference the exact annotation(s) from PDF

It would be great to be able to select an annotation or multiple annotations from the paper PDF while referencing it in gdocs, and then be able to view the annotation in the reference pop-up bubble.
It would be very handy to have an option to open paper PDF (focused on referenced annotation if it is possible) directly from the google docs.
These features would significantly ease revisiting of old papers and supervision of current works.
Thank you for your work and great product!


That would be incredible and unique among the reference managers as far as I know. basically, while reading the PDF in PaperPile viewer, highlight text and click “cite”, copying the highlighted text over to an annotation on the citation in Google Docs… slick idea.

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Perrla software and CItavi have this feature. Even I have requested PP team for this feature. This makes citing annotations dam easy and smart.

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Any update on this request?