Add an option to assign labels to highlighted text

Here is a possible use case:

  • highlight text
  • assign a label
  • then search by labels that would include not only full pdfs but highlighted excerpts from texts too
    Please vote for this feature.
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Thanks for bringing this up. We are working on a completely new note taking system. Adding labels to notes will be a feature. The new system will also integrate “standalone” notes and PDF highlights. So if you mean highlighting text in PDFs and adding labels to that, that is definitely coming.

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This is great news. Thanks a lot! I for example use NVivo only for lit review and labeling/tag nesting within the text. Your change could definitely be a substitute for that !!

hi Dzemila , do you have an ETA for this feature? I can volunteer to be a beta tester :slight_smile: Thanks

hi! I love paperpile. especially the look and feel of it. but for academic work and my dissertation I rely on citavis ‘knowledge management’ system to organize notes, highlights and pdfs. I’m looking forward for the overhaul of paperpiles note keeping system and hope it will allow me to switch permanently.