Add edit button within the citation

In the citation box, there are icons for abstract, notes, and attached files. If you could add one for edit, that would be very helpful to me. I know I can click edit up at the top, but for that to work, I have to select the citation, which means two clicks to get to edit. It would be nice to have this right in the citation. Thanks!

We already have three different ways to get to the edit dialog: (i) in the toolbar (ii) in the context menu and (iii) a dedicated blue button in the detail view of the reference.

If you are concerned about efficiency I’d suggest to use the keyboard shortcut Shfit-E which is typically the fastest way. No click involved there.

Shift-E is a great hint. Thank you!

I didn’t know about expanding the details and seeing the blue button–now I do. Thank you!

One last question–where is the context menu?

Thanks for this speedy reply!

Here is the menu with yet another way to edit your papers: