Add folder comments

Ability to add comments to folders would be very useful. These comments should also be visible (permanently or optionally) in the shared (public) view.


Imagine I have a library of medical papers on a specific disorder, with folders like Pathophysiology, Genetics, Epidemiology, etc. These names, although precise, are not intuitively understandable to a lay person, and being able to add an explanation would be very helpful.

Note that supports folder comments, also in shared view.

Regretfully, paperpile does not sync folder structure to Google Drive - else, the folder comments could mirror/sync with Google Drive folder comments.

Actually we have plans to allow comments for folders (and labels). We will add this functionality together with some major improvemnts on note taking and commenting. This will be added after our new PDF annotation feature is available (at the moment we have started a private beta: Support for PDF annotations)

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Are there updates on adding folder comments in Paperpile? For example, I like to make a summary diagram of related papers in my bullet journal, and I’d love to include the page number in my Paperpile folder for quick referencing in the future. My current workaround will be to add it to the folder name, but it would be cleaner to have it as a separate note that I could add to if I revisit the folder’s topic.

Thanks for the bump here, @Nick_Anderson. We will soon be releasing significant updates for notes (including folder ones) along with a revamp of our UI and a few other improvements. Stay tuned!

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