Add "labels" as a field for naming patterns in google sync config

In addition to author names etc. it would be great to have the possibility to have the labels in the names of the pdfs synced to GDrive (separated by e.g. an underscore).

There are couple of use cases for this, but the primary one I am thinking about right now is that this could be easily leveraged for additional automation by third party software like IFTTT and thus a partial workaround for a missing public API.

With this, I could e.g. create a setup where I label a paper “TEAM1” and the file is automatically shared in GDrive with a particular group of people and opened for annotations. Or converted to a different format and emailed to someone etc., the possibilities are quite endless :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Adding the request to our tracker.

Our sharing features are due for an update, which has been planned for a while and will bring more collaborative workflows. This will be a complete overhaul and will touch some of the points you raise here and on this other thread. No precise timeline to share for that yet, but you can be sure it’s among our priorities :raised_hands:t4:

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