Add link to cited paper when hovering/clicking citation

I think paperpile is a great extension, it really extends google docs for proficient use in collaborative paper writing. One gripe I have about it is the amount of click I have to press to get to the website of the paper. When pressing or hovering over a citation I would like to be able to press “go to website” or something similar to get to the actual paper. This would really improve the workflow. Currently, when pressing a link I get “paperpile citation - edit” and pressing edit and getting the dropdown I still cannot press a link to get to the actual paper.

Keep up the good work, as it stands, it is still a life saver!


I was just about to add the same request! I would use a direct link to the pdf, not sure if that was meant by @baldur

This would greatly enhance the comfort of use. Currently you have to use 5 clicks with a page changes. Ideally I would love to be just 2 - the link could be directly visible after frist click in Paperpile citation - Author