Add on - too much mouse use and extra steps


I’ve got many issues with the new add on (which only recently updated on my chrome). There’s too much mouse use and it has significantly down-graded my experience. In detail:

  1. Ctrl+p+alt has stopped working for me. I have a mac.
  2. When I edit an existing citation I have to use my mouse to click on it, then go to the side bar. Then, I can’t see all the information of the citation- all I see is the last author name and year, so I need to search for it to understand what I cited. Also, I have no idea what the “edit” option does anymore when I click on “edit link” on the document itself. The link doesn’t open for me and now to remove citations I need to first figure out what they even are then use my mouse in the right side of my screen to change anything. It used to be so simple deleting citations and adding new ones to existing citations, now it requires so many extra steps.
  3. When I search for a citation I can press “ENTER” to get a list of references and I can move down with the arrows along the list, but then I have to use my mouse to actually cite something.

I hope you will address all these issues.

I figured out the chrome extension wasn’t on… this post can be deleted (but it would be good if there was more information on how to fix this out there - this has been very frustrating!)