Add option to show bibtex key by default

Our workflow consists mainly of ^b to copy bibtex entry to the clipboard and then manually copying this to our overleaf .bib file, which is typically the product of many authors only some of which use paperpile. The bibtex key field is very useful to set a human pneumonic, but finding this field is time-consuming. It is would be really useful to have the option to show it all the time for all citations so that we can set it more easily.

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@Tobi_Delbruck thanks for your feedback. Given that you have collaborators that don’t use Paperpile, but it is possible to have multiple .bib files in a single Overleaf project, a potential workaround to avoid manual copying of BibTeX entries would be to set up Paperpile’s Overleaf integration. That would allow you link a Paperpile folder or label to the Overleaf project, with the caveat that you would need to make sure that the BibTeX citation keys are not duplicated in any other .bib files contained in the project.

Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment we simply copy the .bib copy into our bib file which works OK since the bib is the result of many people’s input, only some of which use paperpile.

One ergonomic solution is to show the bibtex key field for any user who exposes it a couple of times. That would avoid requiring a setting entry for it and make it automatic for those users who use this feature of customized bibtex keys.

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