Add PDF manually using iOS app

It would be great if I could add a PDF to a Paperpile record in my iPad by selecting a PDF from the apple files app (iCloud, Dropbox, etc etc).


I also want a strong iOS App. I need to manually creat a bibliography entry.

Thanks for the feedback! PDF data parsing and direct attachment are already planned for future updates of the mobile apps, so I’ve added your respective +1s to the topic on our internal tracker :+1:t4:

+1 here.
The only reason for me to switch to Paperpile would be a strong and fully capable iOS App. Adding literature on the go is a must have for me.
Fun fact: Currently, Mendeley allows me to add literature on the go, but not to read and annotate. With Paperpile it is the other way around.

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+1 here as well.
adding already downloaded pdf directly is a must have function on any platform.