Add "search your papers" field as Google Chrome search engine?

Dear all,

Can the type of the “search your papers” field be changed in order to make it accessible for Chrome’s great feature to add a search field as a search engine?

Looking forward to the possibilities,



Not that I know of. For the same reason you can’t bookmark searches (like in Gmail) - the search results don’t show up as a URL. It would be great to have this feature though! (As well as the ability to bookmark search results.)

It’s definitely possible to do something like this within the context of the Chrome extension. We’ve looked into that actually.

What exactly would you like to achieve? You search the omnibar with “pp HIV” and you get a list of your papers from Paperpile about HIV, and if you select it, it opens the PDF?


That would be great for me.

Yes Stefan, exactly this feature! :smile: