Add tags and folders when importing from Chrome extension

Yes yes yes — we would all really really really like this feature! Just adding to the chorus, since in August it was ‘planned to be included at some point.’

Bump! This feature would really be useful in organizing my literature searches. Any updates?

I’d like to bump this up as well, since there is no update for two years. I recently switched from Mendeley and Zotero (Chrome plugins for both support this) to Paperpile, and the lack of this feature affects my productivity quite a lot.

Thanks. We are aware that quite a few people are waiting for this. This has not been forgotten. It’s one of the few features where mobile is actually ahead of the web (on mobile you can already do that).


+1000 – the ability to sort into a folder from the web browser is essential! It is infinitely easier to search for papers on web and then read on mobile. thanks!

Agreed. Please implement this, will save a lot of time. I am about to port from Papers/ReadCubes to Paperpile. Thanks!!

+100 super useful

This is coming as part of a larger effort to update several aspects of the web app simultaneously. We are working hard to have some news in the coming months :pray:t4:


Glad to see this is on the horizon as it is a critical feature for me to move from Mendeley to PaperPile. I use folders extensively and need to be able to tag/file papers directly from the extension.

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As a newly started PhD student could I add my voice to those above for the same reasons.

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Any update on this extremely important and valuable feature? Thanks, Paperpile!

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Still very much top of mind for us. A complete rewrite of our extension and web-app has been in the works for some time and this will be one of the new features added. We expect to share more details in our next newsletter, planned for August-September.

Any updates on this? I miss this very much from my Mendeley days.

Welcome @src to the forum! Thanks for your question. We are currently testing this feature, and it should be available by end of year.

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Super excited to test out this feature! Please let me know if a beta release becomes available!

Hi @suzanne! Is this feature still on track to be available in the Chrome extension by the end of the year?

@arun welcome to the forum! It is currently being tested as part of our technology preview. While it won’t be available by end of year, it is scheduled to be released by spring 2023.


If this is out I would be happy to test. I see spring has passed.

@src @arun @balch I’m happy to say that this feature is now available to test! This forum post tells you how to sign up.

Woohoo! So excited to try it out!

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