The new Paperpile: now in private beta 🧪

I’m happy to announce that the new Paperpile is available for testing as private beta version :slightly_smiling_face:.

What’s the new Paperpile?

It’s a completely rewritten version of Paperpile’s web app and browser extension. It will remain the Paperpile you know and love but we’ve added many new key features and hundreds of small improvements.

The new Paperpile will also make it easer for our team to add new functionality and improvements in the future — a prerequisite for our ambitious roadmap ahead.

How to take part in the beta?

:arrow_right: Sign up here

Once your account is activated, you will get an invite email with instructions how to try out the new Paperpile.

How to give feedback?

Simply reply to the invite email or use the feedback button on the lower left in the new app:

Important: Even if you don’t encounter problems, please share first impressions and general feedback. It’s the only way to know if we are on the right track or things need more work.


Loving it so far - the PDF preview when trying to edit the metadata is SO useful! Thank you all, looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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I’d be interested in trying it, but how confident are you that it would not damage existing databases?

Thank you for your question, @Charles_Heckscher. The team has made every effort to ensure your data will be safe. But if this is a concern for you, we recommend going to Settings and exporting all your data before trying the new Paperpile (go to your email in the top right corner, select Settings and then choose Export).

And, it’s also easy to switch back from the new Paperpile to the well tested and fully supported version of Paperpile at any time, via the lower left in the new app (see the graphic in Stefan’s post above).