Add the same PDF to multiple papers (references)

I am often citing a number of chapters by different authors from an edited volume.

Currently, I have one reference for the book as such with the PDF and annotations for all the chapters. Using the copy function I create reference for each of the chapters (and change it from book > book chapter, add authors etc) to be able to cite them properly.

This works fine, but it would be nice if all those chapters could point to the same annotated PDF.

I know I can split the PDF into chapters and attach those to individual chapter references, but that’s a lot of manual work and has number of other disadvantages.

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I have only now noticed that with book chapters, there is a clickable link In: XY. Clicking that filters all papers in that book, but not the book itself. If it listed also the book itself, that could partially solve the problem, I think (i.e. fast access from chapter to the PDF in main title).

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Better handling/solutions for book chapter management have long been requested and is well on our radar. Adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker for the team’s reference.


Good to hear, thanks! I would highlight the filtering “problem” in my second comment, since that seems to me is almost a bug, it may be easy to change and would immediately help with chapter handling.