'Add to Paperpile' button for Google Web Search

Dear all,

What do you think of providing the ‘Add to Paperpile’ button not only for Google Scholar but also Google Web Search?

Citable articles such as from the NY Times or The Guardian appear there but not in Scholar. And having a button in the search overview is a great way to quickly filter through articles that are citable (and thus worth reading).

Thanks ahead!


What’s wrong with the buttons we already have for Google Search? :wink:

I missed your comment about NYT and Guardian. The buttons acutally only get triggered for scientific papers. It’s a fine line of being useful and being annoying when you try to mess around with a users Google search results page.

Good to know! I guess you follow your philosophy to not impose a certain workflow and thus not extend it to any citable search item, correct? :blush:

Is this feature broken? I don’t see the handy Paperpile buttons anymore. I checked settings and Google search buttons are still enabled. Are these buttons appearing for everyone else?

No, you’re right. They don’t show up for me either in the normal Google search.

Scholar still works.

~ Robert

Sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into it.

Seems like Google recently updated their HTML code, and so we need to adjust our code as well. It is going to be fixed with the next release of Paperpile.


Great to hear. Thanks guys!

~ Robert