Add to Paperpile button for Microsoft Academic

Could you please add a plugin that makes it easy to add papers from Microsoft Academic just like you have for Google Scholar? I am finding that the ranking of search results in Microsoft Academic are better than Google Scholar and it would be great to add papers directly from Thanks!


Thanks for the request, @Aaditya_Dar - seems like it’s the first time it’s come up, so I’m adding it to our internal tracker. +1s are welcome!

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I am just now catching on to the fact that Microsoft Academic is way better than google scholar and maybe even pubmed. (Microsoft could stand to do some promotion of this tool.) It would be helpful to have the Paperpile plugin fully capable on the site. Right now, even clicking the PP icon to the right of the address bar will bring up “no papers were found in this tab”. So you have to right click on the DOI link and choose add to PP, although that switches you over to your PP tab which is rather annoying.

Oh nevermind. It looks like MS is killing Microsoft Academic at the end of the year.
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