Adding a paper from IEEE and ACM libraries

So when I add a paper either from the ACM Library, or IEEE Explore, that I’m viewing through the University EzProxy, Paperpile gets zero details about the paper from the page. I only just realized it works without the proxy. So I assume you’re doing a domain match for feature extraction.

Any chance of changing that match to a sub-string anchored at the start of the URL? The URLs from EzProxy are of the form so it seems like it should be doable? And would be nice :wink:

I’m a little surprised it got so little though (seriously. It’s basically blank apart from the PDF). These pages still have DOI’s, ISBN’s, and usually BibTex links I thought would be picked up as a general heuristic.

I’m either in my institutional network or connected via VPN when I pull papers from IEEE explore and PP will always ge the metadata directly from the IEEE page for me.

I assume you’re using the Chrome Plugin to add the paper or are you uploading the PDF via the web-interface?

The problem with ACM here is actually the “delivery.acm” part, and not the proxy part (although they may be related). I couldn’t find a “delivery.acm” address which I had access to, so it may not be easy for us to fix.

With regards to IEEE we do some tricky background work because the IEEE pages we can see are essentially blank since everything on the page loads asynchronously. It is possible that one of our API calls simply timed out during import, which can result in a mostly blank reference. In this case, trying again would help. If you have a page which consistently fails it would help us if you would provide a link to it.