Adding a paper while in a folder should add it to that folder

If I have Paperpile open viewing a folder and I add a new paper, it doesn’t show up; I have to go back to all papers and find it to add to my current folder.

It’d be great if there was a checkbox at the bottom of the add paper window next to the save button which was “Add to [currently open folder]”. Or if it just did it by default, either way.


This is so annoying…

Thanks for the ping here, @Hauke_Sandhaus - this has been on our radar for a while and will soon be implemented. The team has been working on rewrites for our extension and web-app UI and targeted import will be one the new features introduced - a beta for these updates should see the light of day in the next couple months, so stay tuned!

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Has this been addressed yet? Would love this feature. Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, @Andrew_LC! Still in the works – our original release schedule has suffered significant delays but this is still top priority (along with the other features posted on our roadmap). We’ll share updates on every channel when the time comes.

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Hi there, is there any update on this? Desperately need this feature

Welcome to our forum, @Adriana_Garcia_Yilal! Happy to confirm this is already implemented in our new webapp, currently in beta – feel free to sign up and test it now or wait for public release within the next couple of months.