Adding a PDF to the existing paper

It often happens that I have a paper in my library that does not have the PDF attached. I find it rather annoying that to attach the paper, the easiest I can do is go to the paper web page, reload page with proxy, download PDF, go to the app, and manually attach.

It would be a lot easier if instead of just recognizing that a given paper is already in the library when I am on the paper page, the chrome plugin could recognize that PDF is not available and give me the option to directly attach the PDF from the journal paper page to the library.

Actually you can select the paper in Paperpile and then use the button “Attach to xy”. That saves you the download/upload step.

Stephan, I recorded my screen to clarify the issue. Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly.

Have you tried right click on the PDF link and attach it through the Paperpile context menu as it says in the yellow infobox?

I need to reload the page via proxy to access the PDF. After reload the yellow box is gone.

Also, sometime I browse to the paper page not from the paperpile app, so the feature suggestion is to add an option to the chrome extension to attach PDF from the current page to a paper recognized as being part of the paperpile library.

The context menu is available all the time not just when there is a yellow box.

I didn’t know about the context menu feature. Thank you for the clarification.

What should I do for the situations when the PDF is not linked directly from the paper page? For example, this is the case with IEEE Xplore (it opens PDF within a frame). How can I easily attach the PDF to a paper that is already in the collection in these situations?

If there is no link, the best is to click through the PDF until it is opened by the browser and use the “P” button in the chrome toolbar.

If a site only displays a PDF in a iframe this is tricky. We’re out of luck here. The best thing is to contact the site’s support asking for a proper PDF download link, which every site should offer as it’s the most basic usability requirement for a website offering academic papers.

Once PDF is opened in the browser, can you explain how to use the P button to attach it to the paper in the library? The only option for the P button menu I see is “View in Paperpile”, no attach option.

If you have selected a paper “XY et al. 2015” in your library you should see a button saying “Attach to XY et al. 2015”.

It does not show up for me, but maybe I am again missing something obvious, please see

I’ll have to look into that. In principle the button should show up when you (i) have a paper selected in Paperpile and (ii) have a PDF opened in Chrome. It does for me, not sure, why it does not for you.

I can’t think of a scenario where the ezproxy rewrite makes a difference but can you try with an open access paper to see if it works there?

I tried and I did have the option to attach PDF for the open access paper I tried in PLOS One.

Thanks. I need to investigate further.