Adding chapters to a book


Hi - is there a simple, elegant and quick way to add one or more chapters of a book to Paperpile?

Currently, I first create the bibliographic entry for the book. Then, for each chapter that I want to add I should be able to reference the book’s bibliographic entry rather than have to copy and paste its authors and titles every time.



Especially for that use case we have made a “Make a copy” item in the reference’s drop down menu. I have a screen shot attached for illustration:


Thanks Andreas - I can see that helps a bit, but isn’t as elegant as I would have liked.

If I make a copy, then I have another ‘Book’ object. If I change that to a type “Book chapter”, then the author / title details are copied into the respective ‘Chapter’ fields, not the ‘Book’ fields, which is incorrect. So for each chapter / section of the book that I create manually I have to cut & paste those fields across.

My use case is that I have (or can usually easily get) bibliographic details for the book which Paperpile can import. I then want to add in Chapter records, sometimes I have them in a format that Paperpile can import and sometimes I have to do it manually. Either way, it is a many-to-one relationship and it feels inefficient to have to manually copy / amend the details of the book many times.

There is also the issue that there is a lot of repeated data about the book in every Chapter record - e.g. title, editors, date, publisher, possibly URL - so should any of those details change it would be messy / impossible to correct them all, leading to inconsistent data.

As there is a clear relationship between a book and its chapters it should be possible to record that relationship in a straightforward way when creating records and for the relationship to be indicated and navigable by Paperpile.

Has this just become a feature request?



90% of the time I copy an item it is to add a book chapter, so I too would like to see this workflow improved!