Adding directly to specific folders on reference entry

When adding papers, they are added to the main directory only, but it would be nice that when you initially add a paper or a manual reference that you can select a folder(s) to add the paper too. I tend to do reference hunts first for numerous papers then begin writing. Being able to add all the resources to specific folders would be much more convenient than hunting through the main directory than moving the references as appropriate.


Absolutely agree with this! Surprised there are not more people clamoring for it. It’s kind of annoying — and pointless — to have to add all refs to the same list, then drag them where you want them to go…


I also think having this feature would be extremely useful.

Is it possible to add some magic sub-button to “Add to Paperpile” enabling me to choose the preferred folder? In this way, it’s much more fun and time-efficient to use Paperpile. Or we can choose a sort of “current folder” in the Chrome extension, which can be changed easily.

I hope adding such a feature does not create extra load on loading web pages.

I think there is an identical request on a related thread.

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This is still planned. It’s actually already available for iOS and Android when you “Share” references from a mobile browser. For technical reasons (including upcoming changes to Chrome extensions) we need to rewrite the extension quite a bit. So it does not make sense to add this to the existing version which will be replaced. But the goal is that at every place where you can add a reference to Paperpile you have a way to choose where it goes.


I agree with the above users