Adding paper from Paperpile's Chrome extension in one click



Would it be possible to redesign the Paperpile extension in Chrome so that one can directly add a paper when one clicks on it (currently one needs two clicks)? This way I can assign a keyboard shortcut for the extension in Chrome and directly add papers when reading one online.

If you collect statistics on the usage of the extension then you could check what fraction of the users use the extension to ‘Open Paperpile’ or go to ‘Settings’. If the vast majority uses only the add button then there’s an argument to be made for a single click (just like Pocket does).



There is a lot to say about this. We have worked on the backend to improve import speeds and we definitely want to add folders/labels/notes in this import dialog. The goal is to improve the experience considerably and this dialog will be rewritten from scratch.

And we of course discussed the possibility to start the import directly. It’s also technically possible that we set a keyboard shortcut. So we could start the import automatically while at the same time offering the two step import button (which has some benefits once we add labels, folders and notes)