Adding paper when in a folder

Hi PP,

When you are in the Paperpile app, and are currently in a particular folder, it would be super useful if when you added a paper it was automatically imported in to that folder. So often I am browsing papers on a topic/in a folder, and want to quickly add a new paper, and forget that it doesn’t get dropped in to that folder automatically, and the paper is ``lost’’ into the pile of unlabelled papers.

Suggestions. When adding a paper while browsing a folder, one of the following happens (in order of my personal preference):

  1. The paper is automatically added to the current folder.
  2. A popup asks if you’d like to add it to the current folder.
  3. There is a checkbox when adding the paper to also add it to the current folder.
  4. A list of recently added papers is maintained and what folder you were browsing when they were added, so that they can be reviewed and quickly added in bulk to the relevant folders at a later date.
    (5. There is a persistent option in the settings to enable / disable any of these options on a user-by-user basis. )


Welcome to our forum, Andy! Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. This is coming soon, along with many other updates/improvements for our webapp scheduled for public beta in the coming months. Check out our roadmap to see what else is planned.