Adding references to own library via the add-on

When I search references through the sidebar, first I am prompted for “ITEMS FROM YOU LIBRARY”, which is great.

At the end of the resulting list, I can “search online”, and then I get “ITEMS FROM THE WEB”. Excellent.

Now, is it possible to add those “items from the web” to my library, without performing again the search inside the Paperpile app?


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This feature is no yet part of the new add-on. There are two workarounds:

  • Go to “Cog menu > Manage references” and add the references from there. It’s just one click.
  • Add the citations via the “P” button in the Google Docs toolbar or “Paperpile > Insert citation” menu. This will automatically import all references you cite from a web search to your library (we probably will make this the default behavior of our new sidebar add-on as well)

Thanks Stefan!

+1 for this feature