Adding Tags from Bibliography of Google Doc?

I’m sharing Paperpile with a number of colleagues - would it be possible (or potentially, is it possible) to make it so that Paperpile could tag (or even select) all of the references cited in a single document? What I would like to be able to do is create a shared folder (or tag) with all of the references cited in a document so that these could be shared in real time, but also be useful for future revisions - should a different author undertake a new version, etc. I know that I can do this manually, but it would be great to have a way to autoselect or tag directly from a document itself.
Thanks for considering!


Actually there is a “realtime” shared folder with all the references for a document by default. You can get to it in Google Docs “Paperpile > View all references”.

Unlike other shared folders, this page is not integrated in the main Paperpile web app though. I’m not exactly sure what the goal is in the end. But it allows for example that user A imports a reference to his or her library that has been added by user B to the document. Is this helpful?

That is helpful for sure, but it would be better if we could then add a tag (or move to a visible folder) so that this relationship would then show up in the main web app. Would like to be able to easily mark these references as associated with x or y document - and be able to see that in the web app.
An example would be the following - I need to deliver .pdfs of all references cited in a document - or share them all with someone in the future that is revising a publication. Then I could easily pull up the tag (publication name) and share, etc.
Thanks for considering!

Thanks, I understand the use case better now.

It’s not completely trivial to add though. It would increase the complexity of the main app. It seems it would require adding a new section to the left hand panel. That’s a huge decision and I’m not convinced that there are enough use cases which would justify that.

I was just searching to see if this is possible and found this post. I vote that it would be very useful to be able to see within the Paperpile web app all of the references associated with a particular document (and then be able to tag them if I want).

Yes. I believe I made this feature request before. I often remember my references based on which paper I used them in and having them grouped together into a folder would be of tremendous use to me.

Thumbs up. It would be great to be able to create either a folder or a tag containing all the references from a document at a point in time. When I’m writing a paper or grant I end up creating large numbers of uncategorized references, at least this would help categorize them by the topic of a document they were found in.

I agree that this suggestion would be very helpful.