Additional library proxy placeholders

I would like to request that two additional library proxy placeholders be defined to complement $@. My institution’s proxy requires that the destination URL be broken into two parts. The first part is the host. The second part is the path plus any query and/or fragment. For example, would be accessed via the proxy URL I would like to be able to enter something like $$p to be able to use my proxy through Paperpile.

@andreas is our EZProxy specialist here. He will be back next week. Can you send us a link to your institution’s library so that we can have a look at this specific case.

Paperpile’s Proxy support is currently tailored to EZProxy, where we have an URL like this:$@

where $@ is the URL you want to have proxied (e.g.

The EZProxy sever maps it automatically to

Maybe there is some login-url for your proxy system, too?

If not could you, please, provide a link to the institution’s proxy that we can get some more information about the proxy software in use?