Additional Paper Links

It would be really helpful to be able to make the additional URLs (attached to papers) accessible through the web app or sharing page.

For example, in the field of computer science, I often find many papers that correspond to an arXiv link, project page, and GitHub repository. So it would be good to see these links in the following views.


In the first image, please observe that there is only one link (“Website” → arXiv page). And, in the second image, “arXiv” links appropriately, but there is only one “Website” link (even though I have included a URL to both the project page and GitHub repo). Adding a “GitHub” link here would be really helpful.

Furthermore, it should be really easy to scrape for the official GitHub repository URLs associated with papers. Paperswithcode already does this, and arXiv also lists that result.

Please let me know if this is something you could fix up. Thanks!

Thanks for the sensible request, @apoorvkh. We’ve had a couple other users bring this up in the past so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker. As a low-demand feature we won’t be able to prioritize looking into it at the moment, but nothing’s off the table for future reviews.

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