Advanced citation option pop-up dialog changed?

Hello, until yesterday when I clicked on a citation tag within Google Docs the standard pop-up dialog appeared:

now the dialog looks different:


and to bring up the original one I must click on the tag and type shift-command-p.

Is this deliberate and, if so, how to go back to the old behavior? I don’t see much use for the new dialog, and would very much prefer to bring up the old one with just one click!



Thank you for reporting this, and for the screenshots. They are very helpful.

It looks like Google may be testing some Docs changes. It may take us a little while to fix this because we have to generally wait until those changes manifest on at least one of our developers’ accounts.

OK I see, thanks!

We’ve fixed it. It will go live either tonight or Saturday morning.

You will be able to click on the pencil icon to get directly to the citation dialog.


Great, thank you very much!