Advanced Search in PDF Viewer

I understand that there is an update of the PDF viewer coming out soon (looking forward to it!). Is there a plan to include better searchers within the PDF viewer?

The absolute best would be something like exists in obsidian where you have the functionality of
block:(wordA wordB)
line:(wordA WordB)

However, I would settle for a lot less.The dealbreaker for me which I find incredibly frustrating is not to be able to include a search term in quotation marks. For example, a search of
men” – has no results
while a search of
men – includes words such as “environment”

Would be great it this could be included in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback here, @DSR. Although a full rewrite of our PDF viewer is indeed planned, I can’t yet say how soon it’ll happen – only that we expect to start working on it before the end of this year, once what’s currently on the pipeline has been implemented. Regardless, your feedback is recorded for the team to review/consider once the rewrite is prioritized!