AI and math tool in eink notes

I have just bought a boox max lumi2, and using the internal notebook I was wondering if it will never implement the AI tool. They did a good work but I see that it 's still a very newborn on markets.

I would really like the opportunity to insert maths formulas or at least to decide what sentences transform in order to be able to create an hybrids between hand made notes and pc script.

Is it possible to add this packages/tools? Or I have to wait and hope for some firmware updates?

I would also really like to personalise and implement my onyx notes with some packages (like latex) that I can download from a store or something …in order to have a more flexible experience.


+1 for improving eink device experience. I also have an onyx boox lumi 2. And, for me, the problem is some converting work paperpile’s web pdf viewer does on the handwritten annotation I draw in the eink device. After the conversion, the annotations are gibberish and highly simplified on all other pdf viewers like pdf expert and the one in lumi 2. And the android app is not really optimized for eink notebook. It would be nice to have an option in the future to disable the annoying conversion.

a related topic, the gibberish annotations: All of the issues with hand written annotation of PDFs

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Thanks for your feedback, @fanto11 and @Jin, and welcome to our forum! No special features are currently planned for the onyx boox max lumi2 reader, but I’ve added your requests to our internal tracker for the team’s consideration in the future. As for the gibberish annotations that you’ve reported @Jin, the team have confirmed that this issue will be looked into in the future to see if there’s anything on our end that can be improved on when annotations are converted.

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@suzanne Thank you for the reply and the consideration! Most of the eink devices in the market actually run Android os, so you don’t have to implement special apps for them. Some simple twists in the Android app will do. For example, adding color names to the palette, auto highlight color saving, quick page turn button, or other small tools that make it easy to use in the monochrome and low refresh rate display. Thanks!


@suzanne Is there any update in this topic, I would really like the option to insert formulas in some annotations with a latex form. If thats not possible maybe make the annotation to be also handwritten in case I would like to add and equation