Allow embedding of shared collections

It would be great if Paperpile had an option of embedding shared collections

Imagine I run an intranet and would like to share papers with members of our team. Currently, I can only link to a separate Paperpile page where my collection is shared, but I cannot embed the collection within an iframe (unless using lots of CSS to hide unnecessary elements, or fiddling with php).

If implemented, embedding should have options related to

  • sorting order (alphabetically, by size, and by last updated)
  • viewing PDFs (yes/no)
  • downloading PDFs (yes/no) - this could simply be synced with relevant controls in Google Drive

An example of (fairly) well implemented embedding would be


We like the idea a lot and already thought about it. It’s something that needs to be planned and executed well. We have not heard much demand for it though.

We would love to hear from outhers if and how you would use such a feature, e.g. reading list on a class website, publication list on a lab website,…


One use case would be to embed the entire citation list on an accompanying website for a paper - so co-authors and other readers don’t have to go hunting around for references. However, articles which were retrieved from behind a paywall could be a problem here. (One solution would be to simply stop citing papers from journals behind paywalls. :P)

I would use this in the WordPress site I maintain for each of my classes. However, for copyright reasons I would not want the PDFs to be shared in the embedded version.

I’d welcome some sort of controls that would allow including the PDF. Certainly, self-uploaded PDFs should be allowed to be embedded; those pulled automatically from behind paywalls likely not.

A discussion on the responsibility for copyright violations might be warranted. If Paperpile is embedded, then for all practical reasons PDFs are published on the parent (i.e., embedding) website. If, on the other hand, a shared folder is opened directly from the Paperpile URL, as it is currently, some might argue that it is Paperpile that makes the PDFs public. (That’s only my personal opinion, not a legal analysis of any kind).

Dear all,

Another vote for some sort of embedding option.

We too would like to embed a shared folder into our conference website that holds all conference paper submissions.



Another vote for this. I manage a medical data archive website which includes a page listing all the publications based on the site’s data. We’d like to use a read-only embedded Paperpile to allow users to review this list, ideally using the 'label’s to help categorize them.


+1 for this request.

I would like to be able to share/embed curated lists of references (via shared folders) on my website, as a convenience/reference for my students. I would also like to be able to disabled the “view pdf” button, and be able to show notes as requested here


Hi, I’ll +1 on this. I would like to see embedding for:

  1. sharing the collection for citations with my lab colleagues on the internal section of the lab’s website;
  2. To integrate it with my Notion to avoid double work for creating the reading list.

It would be great to know if this functionality is still considered.


Thanks for your +1 here, @Oleksandr_Petrenko - the functionality is still on our list for consideration but has not been prioritized. We do have a big revamp of our sharing system planned which will likely touch upon this; don’t have a timeline for that at the moment but we hope to start working on it soon.

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