[Android] Alternative PDF viewer/editor

I have Paperpile for Android installed on an e-ink device, and whilst it works, the reading/annotating experience is naturally not as optimal as using the device’s own PDF viewer. So I would really like the option to download a PDF and have the possibility to use another app for the editing, and have Paperpile manage the upload etc. I don’t know if this is a common use case, but as more and more Android based 10 and 13" e-readers are available, I can see an increasing need…

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Thanks for the feedback, @msbentley! The request to allow / facilitate the use of third-party viewers has come up a couple times in the last months, so I’m adding your +1 to our internal tracker (and changed the category of this thread accordingly). I understand this is not something we’re necessarily considering at the moment, but we certainly will as demand escalates.

Great, thanks for your response @vicente!

Does your device has Google Drive integration. Paperpile automatically syncs annotations in both direction from Google Drive. (as long as your PDF viewer uses ISO conformant annoations).

Hi @stefan - yes, I use this to sync my “Starred Papers” folder, for example. This is a fine stop-gap but it would be nice to have the full Paperpile search/folder/label functionality to locate papers and then “open with” a different PDF viewer.

Having said that, I haven’t yet fully explored the recently added options for configuring how papers are stored to Drive, so perhaps I can make some tweaks there and sync my entire library…

I’m also considering the purchase of e-paper based Android tablet, but the absence of the explicit support is a blocker.

I’d rather like the better native e-paper support than the alternative reader support. I guess supporting non-scrolling page turn would solve like 80% of the problem. Too optimistic?

I think there are a few issues using the Paperpile app on current app on e-ink devices (I am running it on a Boox Note 2) - it’s designed for users being able to easily pinch/zoom/pan etc. and on an e-ink that is less than ideal. If there were better settings for margin crop, colum-view etc. then that would be another alternative. But typically I think the best performance, battery life, and device compatibility, is going to come from the built-in viewer, and I would prefer to use that.