Android App crashes when downloading PDFs

I have sent this query oficially to the support team but I would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue and how have they solved it.

Everytime I try to download a PDF from the cloud or when I click on “Find and download PDF automatically” the android app crashes. There is no way now of downloading a PDF file. Also, it is not possible to import PDF files so I guess it is something about PDF handling of the app.

I have tried to clear cache, unistall app and re-install and the problem persists.

I have a One Plus 7 Pro running the One Plus Oxygen OS compilation of Android.

Thank you very much

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Hi again,

I understand that no one is using paperpile over a OP7 Pro and that limits the ability to help me but, has anybody experienced anything similar before with Android, which was the problem and how was it solved? I could try to solve it by analogy. If not, which could be the main reasons why an app crashes invariably when performing an action.

Thank you very much

PS: I must insist, since currently the app is not usable in my phone (which I use to read papers while commuting)

Hey @querolus - another user who reported the same issue just confirmed that disabling the “Paperpile Channel” notification in their OnePlus device settings fixed things on their end. Take a look at this OnePlus support page if you’re not sure where to find that configuration, and please let us know if it works for you too.

Dear Vicente

I have just checked. Initially I switched notifications off and it did not work. I, then, switched off and then on the phone. Notifications appeared again activated although I did not activate them myself. Switched them off again and now I has not crashed in 5 PDF downloads! Great solution so far!

Honestly, is beyond my reach why notifications make an app crash only when downloading PDFs and how this other user came to that solution. I do not see the relationship between those processes but it works.

Thank you very much!

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