Android client allow annotation font size 8

A small request once annotations are fixed to save on android -

When making a text annotation on Android, the settings allow choosing a font size 10 or above, but it seems that choosing 8 does not work, it always changes to 10.

@paperbrain, this seems to work on our end. Which device are you using? Could you share some screenshots or a recording so we can get a sense of what you’re seeing? Thanks in advance.

This is using the samsung galaxy tab s5e. The software is up-to-date, last update on 27-feb-21.

The font size slider does not go below 10, however …

the number is editable:

Change the size number from 10 to 8:

It does not stay at 8, goes back to 10

Much appreciated, @paperbrain. Indeed, 8px should be the minimum - I’ve notified our mobile specialist so this will be fixed on one of the app’s next updates.

thank you!