Android private beta (old)

I would love to participate in the Android beta testing as I’m unimpressed with the apps that the other ref. managers have to offer and I think Paperpile has great potential to become a much better platform.

I’ve been having this problem too recently. It seems to be a recent issue, as syncing has always worked well until a few weeks ago. Can confirm that signing out and in again seems to be the answer.

I agree. The capacity to move the app over to SD card would be very helpful, especially when there is a way to sync PDFs.

I’m using this on a Samsung Tab S2. I sync my starred folder to my tablet and read the documents with Moonreader, which enables me to extract annotations. I save these to Evernote and then copy the notes into Paperpile. Evernote is my card index file for quotes.

Longer articles or books I read in ePub format.

Bump me upppppp !

(I have a Samsung S7 AND a Galaxy Tab S3, so two devices in one… and as you know I’m quite keen/OCD at reporting issues!)

Hi, i have filled the android beta user application form. But I have read somewhere in forum, there will not be back reply to my application. So how can I be part in beta testing? And where can I find beta app download link?
Thank you

We are preparing a major new version of the mobile apps. We will invite new users once it’s available. Thanks for your patience.

Great, hope you can sign me up to the beta as well then. Mobile access is what still keeps me from switching fully to paperpile.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed the state of the mobile app development, but now seems like a good time to do so since we’re close to a new release.

The aim of this new version is to improve upon the older version’s features, add new ones and fix the problems encountered by some of you during the initial tests of the first version.

Our focus was mainly on data sync, this is where most people have experienced problems using the app and we believe this is a key area that needs to work as reliably as possible. We’ve rebuilt the way the sync works from scratch so that most of the problems you’ve experienced are solved by definition. We also understand that the mobile data one has is sometimes limited so when working on a PDF using the mobile app, only the changes one makes are synced instead of the whole PDF like it’s done in the current version. The PDF viewer itself has also got a rework, now having more annotation features available and allowing for realtime sync between the mobile app and the web app.

There’s more to this release in terms of features, we’ll let you know of all of the changes once it’s done. In regards to invitations to participate in the beta, new invites will be sent out once the new version is released.



I am looking forward to being added to the beta.



Please add me to the beta or I’m going to jump ship. Have been waiting so long for this.

One feature that seems very obvious to add is to allow one to add a reference to Paperpile using the ‘Share To’ feature in Android. So when we’re looking at a website, we can use that feature to share a link to Paperpile, which will then add a reference (just like using the Paperpile button in Chrome). Is such a feature planned?

hey, hug101…that’s really funny. We’ve been asking for it since forever on the iOS side. Not sure what is up with paperpile development, but it is starting to be a total joke. I’d be embarrassed.

Please add me to the testers of the Android app for Paperpile!!! Actually, all I really want is to have the option to “share” something I’m reading on my phone directly to Paperpile instead of emailing it to myself. Just add a Paperpile icon in there next to gmail, facebook drive, etc. Thank you!!!

Would it be so difficult to allow for “read-only” website on mobile devices? There are really good PDF readers for both Android and iOS, but accessing my papers via Google Drive is a pain…

Please add me to the private beta.

We have been asking for this for years! No dice.

Hey we appreciate the update but I think it would be nice to get these more frequently. Even if you happen to have a setback in development it would be nice to know what is currently going on on, say, a monthly basis. Thanks!

Hi there. I’d like to try out the private beta on my Onyx Boox Max2, which is an android 6 e-ink based device. I think it would really be nice with paperpile. I filled out the invite form a while back for my ios device (ipad pro), but never received an invite. Can I get an android invite?

Hi! Did you were added to the private testing? I want to be part of the Android Paperpile test too.
I already fill the survey (twice) and didin’t receive any confirmation email or any similar. What are the next steps?


Could you send me an invitation? I already fulfill the requirements (completed the survey, I am a paying user). What should I do to get an invitation?

I would like to be bumped up for the private beta. I’ve asked a couple of times before with no luck. Perhaps the beta is no longer open to new users. But if it is, I would appreciate the opportunity to use it. Thanks.