Android private beta (old)

Paperpile goes Android. That’s all you need to know about the private beta.

#How to take part in this beta
To take part in the private beta sign up here:

We will send out invites at a pace depending on the progress of the test. If you want to get bumped higher in the list for whatever reason please make yourself heard here in this thread.


We develop Android and iOS apps in parallel and instead of providing the full features app for one platform, we start with a limited features set on both platforms.

  1. :heavy_check_mark:️ Browser your library and view PDFs (read only version)
  2. Annotate PDFs
  3. Organize your library (labels, folders…)
  4. Add new references and PDFs (search from within the App and add via your browser)
  5. Bring over all other relevant functions from the web application
  6. Many additional mobile specific functions

Please note points 5 and 6: The fact that we share an early beta with limited feature set does not mean the final product will be any less powerful than our web app or the mobile app you are waiting for.

Bug reports, feature requests and general feedback

  • We welcome all kind of feedback in particular bug reports at this early stage
  • Please post your feedback in this forum (preferred) or contact
  • We read everything but as we are running multiple beta tests at the same time we might not be able to respond to all posts and emails immediately.

Sorry, that wasn’t a useful comment; but I’m really excited.

Also very excited. Hope to participate in the beta!

This really is exciting. First impressions: awesome!

I’ve been playing around with it on a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10. Here are a few things I’ve found:

  • Set-up was nice and smooth.
  • The lack of landscape rotation is a big problem for me when it comes to my tablet. I almost never want to use it in portrait, and the tablet will be the primary device on which I’d like to use Paperpile.
  • Sync will not work on my Nexus 4, though it works great on the Nexus 10. Nothing happens when I press the sync button on the 4. I changed a PDF and added a new item and neither change was picked up on the 4, but it was on the 10. I couldn’t find any way to force a sync on the Nexus 4.
  • I figured out the long press selection option, which is a nice touch and works well for downloading multiple files. I’d really like a ‘select all’ option for starred papers or folders.
  • It would be nice if pinned labels from desktop could also be pinned on Android.

Very pleased with it so far though! I’ll come back with anything else I discover.

Thanks for letting me in!

Like @ChrisSampson87, I am very pleased with the beta so far. I tried it on an old Moto X (1st generation - this is what I have around at the moment) and it is very smooth and stable.

One suggestion: it would be nice if you could long press on a folder or tag and get a “download all” type option. At the moment, unless I am missing something, you would have to click a folder and then long press an individual reference to get into into multi select mode, click on all of them, and then click the download button.

Install, login, sync, download PDF - all worked smoothly, no bugs so far! Great start! Tested on Nexus 5X. Thank you!

Would be convenient to be able to see all downloaded papers as a list!

Thanks for the quick and detailed feedback. As for the Nexus 4 issue: What exactly does “nothing” mean? Do you get visual feedback when you tap the refresh button (it should be highlighted shortly) Do you see the blue spinner loading?

@ChrisSampson87 @nhultin We will add support for automatic downloads for complete folders, labels etc in form of a “make available on this device” toggle as you can find it e.g. in Spotify.

On the Nexus 4 - the sync symbol is highlighted (in a circle of a lighter shade of blue) for 2 seconds (that’s 2 seconds per press, so if I press it 5 times it will stay highlighted for 10 seconds, which seems a little odd). Then it returns to normal. That’s all that happens. It does not spin and nothing is synced.

Yes, that’s odd. Which Android version do you have on this device?

Hi Stefan, could I get signed up for the android beta?

Excited to see this app! If the annotation tools are top notch I can see alot of people being willing to pay for Paperpile. Definitely hope y’all chose me for the beta.

I’ve got 5.1.1 on the Nexus 4 - same as on the 10.

Bump me up please…

I’d love to be a beta tester. I’ve been using PP on my Chromebook so I have a good experience on it. But I’d like to see how it does as an app. I think you will attract more users with the apps.

Question about the roadmap: Will the iOS beta be released for iPhone and iPad at the same time, or will one be released first? I was just thinking that I would use each device quite differently. I mostly use my iPad for reading and annotating PDFs, while on my iPhone I frequently want to quickly lookup and share citations with other people that come up in conversation (such as when advising students…)

The iOS app will be the same for phones and tablets. It will adapt to the device size of course but will have the same functionality.

Can you please add me to the beta tester group for android? I already filled out the survey.

We’ll include you in the next batch