Annotation Export Feature Consistency

Hi Folks,

There are a couple of straightforward features that seem to be inconsistent with the PDF annotations export. I am trying to get a downloadable file (markdown) of my PDF annotations with the following features:

  • page number and author

  • hyperlink to the original pdf

  • option for full citation embedded in annotation document

  • consistency across the different options, i.e. page numbers are included with RTF, but not Markdown. You can download Markdown but can’t download RTF.

This makes it troublesome for integrating with something like notion or obsidian.



Thanks for the feedback, @ericbarryDrasin, and welcome to our forum! I’ve added your request to our internal tracker and have let the team know so they consider these points when next updating our viewer and its export options.

As a PhD researcher, I use this for condensing relevant papers I read for sharing with my supervisors.

Related to ericbarryDrasin’s fourth point:

  • File names for the exports differ. Pdf export has a sensible default but the others use the journal/book/conference title instead of the title of the work, and there is no way to change this
  • JSON export doesn’t contain any details of which reference it’s from.
  • OPML title tag contents follow the same conventions as for file name export
  • OPML title block doesn’t contain color reference

Some of these would be less critical if there were a reliable way to cross-reference the consumable exports with a bibtex export. As it stands, there is no export that contains color, page number and full title of the paper other than the .pdf, which is kind of a dead end if you’re looking to automate some things.

More generally, a batch export for a folder would be amazing, but I suppose that doesn’t belong here! Thanks for a wonderful product.

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Also just noticed that when you grab images from a PDF, there is basically no way of exporting it into Notion. I spent an hour today trying to figure out how to get my annotations from one PDF into notion. When you copy rich text into clipboard, notions says the clipboard is too big and wants you to import. But notion’s import options are also limited to markdown, html, word documents.

It basically wants a word file. Is there a way you can do a .DOC export so we can just download our annotations with pictures and the proper formatting and everything? This would make it possible to upload to Notion. PDF’s don’t work…

basically right now I have to

  1. export rtf from paperpile
  2. paste into google docs
  3. download as a .doc file
  4. upload to notion

This preserves all of the formatting and enables me to include pictures.

This would be so much better if I could just download a .doc which was properly formatted directly from paperpile.

And again, this should include the metadata:
citation info
google drive location of original pdf

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