Annotations on iOS wrong orientation in Paperpile

I used my iPad to read and annotate a paper using the Apple Pencil. I was in landscape mode. When I open up Paperpile through the web browser interface on Chrome (PC), the annotations are 90% sideways.

Any idea why? Is this a known issue?

Welcome to our forum, @Keirdre! First report we get of this, as far as I know. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the same PDF on iPad, and perhaps the actual file so we can take a look / try to reproduce? Can be here or via chat/email ( Have you noticed this happening in any other files, or just this one? Let us know.

HI there Vicente, thanks.

Here are screenshots of the original iPad annotation and how it looks in Chrome on PC. Paperpile formatting - Album on Imgur

I haven’t noticed it in other files. Thanks!