(Another) Request for batch citation insertions in Google Docs and Word Plugin

Hello there!

I’ve noticed multiple user requests for a batch citation feature within the Google Docs and Word plugin. However, I couldn’t locate this feature on the roadmap. Is it currently under active development? :blush:

I’ve encountered a similar function in EndNote that employs curly brackets and identifiers (e.g., PMID) separated by semicolons. Unfortunately, based on personal experience, it tends to be unstable and sluggish. If you’re considering incorporating a batch citation feature, I’d like to suggest avoiding a confirmation prompt for each identifier if there’s only one corresponding entry in the library. This could streamline the process, as the current method in EndNote can be somewhat tedious.

On a positive note, I am loving the Paperpile plugin for Word! It has really been a lifesaver!

Keep up the good work!

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Welcome to the community, @Emil_Bach and thank you for your request. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying using the Paperpile for Word plugin!

Do you mean you would like to input a search term, then select multiple references at once in the dropdown and insert the citations into your document or do you mean typing in multiple PMIDS into the citation box and locating the references to be inserted? Let me know.

Hi @suzanne,

Thanks for replying to my request. I will see if I can supply a meaningful example.
The PMIDs or other identifiers (titles, DOIs, or your Citation Keys, etc.) for the references in your library would be referred to as such in the document (Google or Word) text:
{ID1; ID2; ID3 …}
This is the feature works in EndNote.
When using the “Update Citations and Bibliography” feature, the references should be inserted automatically across the document. If more than one reference in the bibliography matches an ID, a the citation window should pop-up to prompt the user to select the correct reference.

I hope the example makes sense!


Thank you for these details, @Emil_Bach, I’ve added them to your request. Right now, in Google Docs, for example, you can type in a single PMID to locate and insert the reference in your library or online, and once Paperpile has added the citation, you can type in another PMID to add to the citation.

But it’s not possible to add a group of PMIDs and have Paperpile find and insert the citations of each one simultaneously. I’ve added this request to our feature tracker for consideration by the team.