Anyone having issues with the extension on MS Edge and Mac OS?

I just had a couple of instances over the last few days where MS Edge displays the page you would normally see if the extension were not installed even though it was, requiring me to either reload the page or uninstall and reinstall the extension. In another instance, I got a message that said that the extension crashed and needed to be reloaded.

Anyone else having these issues? I’ve never had these glitches before and I’ve been using PP on macOS and Edge for a couple of years, and PP on chrome way longer than that. Typically, it’s rock solid.

@heumed, has this persisted? There were some backend updates of the extension yesterday and today which likely affected functioning, but things should be back to normal already. Let us know otherwise.

Thanks @vicente

Neither has recurred yet since then. Perhaps I was using it while the backend updates were going on. Will loop back if they recur.

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