APA 6th Edition not accurate

I used APA 6th Edition with colleagues at my University, who mark incredibly strictly. All of us using Paperpile were penalised.

The Paperpile APA 6th edition function did not cite in the text correctly, often leaving out commas or authors, not citing the website name.

Please review this function in line with APA 6th Edition policy.


Hi Matt, I don’t think PP has any control over the citation styles. If you go to the settings, you will notice that the window points you to https://citationstyles.org/. The About page says " The Citation Style Language (CSL) was created by Bruce D’Arcus, and shaped by early contributions from Simon Kornblith of Zotero. In recent years Frank G. Bennett, Jr. and Rintze M. Zelle have spearheaded further development." So, I think those are the people to speak to. All the same, is it not true that we authors are ultimately responsible for our articles? I know I’ve been criticized before… my response has always been ‘oops, thanks for seeing that, I will fix.’

Bruce is correct in noting that conformity with styles prescriptions is ultimately the responsibility of the author. We do our best to make the process as simple and error-free as possible, but can never guarantee this, so always double-check if you are being graded on the minutiae of your citation style.

Discrepancies between the style guide and the output generally come from one of two sources: (1) problems with the metadata, or (2) style requirements which are difficult or implausible to automate. For the latter, see: APA style incorrect.

The problems you describe w.r.t. leaving out commas and authors, however, sound like they could result from submitting the unformatted blue placeholders. For the placeholders, we use our own chicago-esque style which shows only one or two authors and does not place a comma before the date, like so:

The citations must be formatted for the selected style to be applied. Once this is done, these particular references will appear like so:

The formatting process also inserts/updates the bibliogrphy in the document. For more information, please see here: https://paperpile.com/help#guide-gdocs

If the problems you encountered are something else, please provide more details so we can investigate/fix the error.