APA 7th and article numbers

I am new to Paperpile, and still getting used to it. Maybe I’m missing something, but APA 7th csl does not seem to use ‘article’ before a journal article with an article number.

I used the following article to test it " Aggrey, S. E., Milfort, M. C., Fuller, A. L., Yuan, J., & Rekaya, R. (2019). Effect of host genotype and Eimeria acervulina infection on the metabolome of meat-type chickens. PloS One, 14(10), e0223417. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0223417"

The apa website (and my University) say that this is necessary.
Can I make an easy change myself? Or does the Paperpile embedded apa 7th style need fixing? Thank you!

Thanks for trying out Paperpile, @Carol_Smith, and apologies for the delay getting back to you here. I see what you mean on the APA website and indeed, it seems the CSL style code does not contemplate this. A quick ‘dirty’ workaround would be adding the word Article to the Pages field in the metadata.

We fetch styles directly from CSL (which is community-based and beyond our influence) but you can attempt editing the style file in their online editor available at editor.citationstyles.org and uploading it as a custom style to your account via library Settings.