APA "&" intext citations


When i cite an article that has two authors in text using the APA citation style, it comes out like this:

(Tweedle and Dee 2015)

according to the APA Publication Manual, 6th ed. it should look like this:

(Tweedle & Dee, 2015)

the “and” should be “&” for intext citations and there needs to be a comma after the names and before the date.

Is there any way for me to fix this manually?


Please disreguard the above comment. Paperpile is AWESOME! :smile:

I found out that once I “format” the paper, all is as it should be

Thanks for the amazing product

Yup, that’s a common problem. The blue links are only placeholders, once your “format” the document it gets its final form. We are aware that this is not completely intuitive for new users and already thought about how to make this clearer.

Anyway, we’re glad it works for you now and that you enjoy Paperpile.