APA style incorrect?

I have just tried to create my first in-line citation in Google doc. I have selected APA style, but the text comes up with this:

From an evolutionary perspective pro-sociality is hypothesised to stem from exaptation of parental bonding and care into a wider cultural phenomenon which has been adaptive in supporting human co-operation over our recent evolutionary history (A Natural History of Human Morality, n.d.).

(the URL is not shown in the text)

This is clearly not APA style - it should read (Tomasello, 200x)

What’s up with that?

@Paul_Vanags, in-text citations are initially inserted as blue placeholders and are formatted according to their style when hitting Format citations via the Paperpile option in the top menu. You can read more tips for writing in Docs on this quick guide from our Help Center: https://paperpile.com/h/guide-google-docs/

This was a choice meant to save time and not interrupt the writing process with constant waiting times - which is why the bibliography is also created / updated with this command.

ah that wasn’t my question, it was why has it not formatted with author name and date, but I tink the answer is because it’s a textbook… I’m not sure the way Paperpile has done it is APA style though… https://www.scribbr.com/apa-examples/apa-book-citation/