APA7 Issues integrated with Word

I used Paperpile for my first Doctoral Conceptual Paper submission in December. It seems I was overly trusting of the software with respect to my following the strict guidelines of APA7. I welcome information that confirms that I was not using the options/settings correctly!

Issues were abundant (some from me, some from my professor):

  • in adding in-text citations, “Jones (2020) stated…” - Paperpile kept inserting Jones before 2020) - is there a setting I am missing?
  • APA in-text citations do not need months, only the year of publication yet all of my citations from PP included the month
  • When citing a report, include only the author and year in the in-text citation, not the title. If a report has no authors, cite the agency/corporate author. See here: Reports & Grey Literature - APA 7th Referencing - Library Guides at Victoria University
  • errors were noted in my final reference list

Steph, you might want to double-check your PP entries. These kinds of errors most commonly occur when invalid data is in various fields. Invalid data often occurs when PP tries to get the metadata from the website. I’ve seen this kind of thing all the time - I’ve had similar errors and this fixed them. You have to review each PP entry in detail… I think you will find this fixes your errors.

Thanks for the report, @Steph_Sharma. Indeed, as Bruce kindly points out, this type of issues in formatting are usually caused by errors or incomplete information in the reference metadata. If you’d like to share your manuscript (or a copy with just a few of the affected citations) I’d be happy to take a look and go over specific corrections. You can send that via chat or email (support@paperpile.com).

ok. thanks - to you Bruce and you vicente. Seems like I relied to much on the software…I did a cursory check but not every entry.
is there any information about this being comparable on Mendeley? My fellow cohort seemed to receive fewer to no comments from the professor compared to those of us on PP. maybe they manually checked everything more closely.
I won’t have time to go back to check for a bit but will watch as I go along with this next project.