API to work with other services, like IFTTT

It would be great if Paperpile worked with IFTTT. I could get push notifications for certain events, or add items to Paperpile by tagging them in Pocket or Twitter, etc…


I would love this. I’m interested in using Drawboard PDF (a Windows app) to annotate the Google Drive versions of my PDFs so that changes are preserved and viewable anywhere I can access Paperpile.

The missing puzzle piece is a way of exposing the original, locally sync’d Google Drive item so that it can be opened in a local viewer from within Paperpile.

Desired functionality:

  • Click button next to paper in Paperpile
  • Relevant Google Drive item opens in default system viewer. This part is important: saves to the PDF should be written to the Google Drive location, not some other Temp folder.
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Bump! I use Inoreader to aggregate all relevant journal RSS feeds as well as other feeds like google alerts for authors, etc…

Inoreader also has a channel in IFTTT with a new starred feed trigger. It would be amazing to star an article from a journal RSS feed in Inoreader and have it sent to a folder or tag in Paperpile.

This would make the process of finding new articles and saving them to one spot for reading later seamless.

Needless to say, Paperpile is amazing as is and with a mobile app and MS word plugin on the way… this would just be a cherry on top. Thanks again for all of your efforts.

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I realize it’s an old thread, but it would be great if an article in Newsblur could be sent automatically to Paperpile using IFTTT. Or, for that matter, if we could add the article directly from an Android phone. Such a nuisance to have to open my PC later and add the articles I bookmarked or saved on my phone.

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The new mobile app (now in beta) allows adding of items directly from the phone. I don’t use Android, but on iOS you can do this via the share sheet extension…