Apple Silicon Support

I usually use PaperPile in Google Docs as it is easier to collaborate, but am working on an article that needs to be done in Word. Just wondering if there is any version of Paperpile for Word that does not require Rosetta on a Mac with Apple Silicon. I do not have Rosetta installed on my Mac and have no desire to install it for one application.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a native version for Apple Silicon yet, @gavinbrooks — Rosetta is needed to run the app. This is already on our list and shouldn’t be too complex to implement once we are able to prioritize updates for the Word plugin once more. I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.

That is too bad. I keep trying Paperpile, overall it is pretty good, but I keep running into all these small issues which sends me back to Zotero. The M1 Mac came out almost 4 years ago - I can understand that it takes some time to update, and the Word plug in may not be a priority now, but 4 years…