Apply two filters from the right column together

It currently does not seem possible to apply selection filters from the right-hand column at the same time, e.g. ‘book’ (type) and ‘has PDF’ (filter).


Yes, this would be a useful feature. Some of my sources (“Type”) have PDFs attached, and some do not. It would be helpful to be able to filter down more exactly by being able to use these filters together.

Is there any news on this feature request? It would be really useful…

We are still considering when/how to implement this. Currently, this is the best workaround:

  1. Select filter 1.
  2. Select all papers in the current list.
  3. Assign a new label to them (may take a minute or so).
  4. Select the new label, then apply filter 2.

Note that if you later add papers, the label may not perfectly match filter 1 and may have to be updated if you want to do this type of filtering again.

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When will this be implemented?

I would also like this feature; however, the fact that it not yet implemented makes me wonder if their backend is somehow not setup for this.