Attaching PDFs to currently selected reference

Dear all

I have noticed that this issue has appeared in the updated Paperpile, it is of utmost importance to me as sometimes PDFs are not automatically attached while adding references, and this option allows us to open the PDF and directly attach it to the currently selected reference in the library without having to save the PDF on a folder in the device and manually adding it to the library.
It seems that the option is there, but as soon as the PDF loads on a webpage, and paperpile extension recognises it, this option is removed instantly!

I urge the team to revisit this issue in the new Paperpile and fix it as soon as possible

Thank you

Thank you for your report, @AMJ10110. I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue of not being able to attach the PDF to the currently selected reference. What browser are you using? Could you share a URL for which this issue occurs?

A member of the team investigated the issue @AMJ10110, and one possibility they suggested is that you may have “1 click import” enabled in the extension popup settings (go to gear and the switch is toggled on). In that case, the PDF is saved to your library automatically, and the message ‘Attach PDF to currently selected reference’ would not be displayed in the extension popup.

Can you try disabling the 1-click import option in the extension popup as in the screenshot above and try again? If that is not the issue for you and you are observing something else, please let us know.

Hi Suzanne

Thank you for your reply
I assure you that I have disabled the “One-click import” option, however the issue still persists sometimes
I will try to upload a video or GIF of the issue for you reference

Once again, thanks for your prompt reply