Author line missing in bibliography

I have an issue with the Word plugin and the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) citation format where author information appears to be missing in the bibliography. This doesn’t seem to be an issue if I cite directly from Paperpile. When I switch to other formats the author information does appear when citing in Word. The SAA format is different from most in that author information is on a line above date and title. It should appear as below (copied out of Paperpile):

Drollinger, Harold, Robert C. Jones, Thomas F. Bullard, Laurence J. Ashbaugh, and Wayne R. Griffin
2011 A Historical Evaluation of the U12n Tunnel, Nevada National Security Site, Nye County, Nevada. Desert Research Institute Cultural Resources Report TR106. Desert Research Institute, Las Vegas.

When citing with Paperpile in Word the author line is missing (see below):


Anyone able to at least reproduce this issue?

Thanks for reporting this! I tested with the Word plugin and I can confirm I reproduced your issue.
I put it to our internal issue tracker and we will prepare a fix in one of our future releases.
Please let us know if you encounter problems with any other citation styles.

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Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out.

I know it could be sometime yet, but when do you think this fix might make it in? This is preventing my use of the software, and I’d really prefer to not have to switch to something else. Could it be a .csl file issue I could fix on my end, or fake it somehow?

We’ve just released a new version of the desktop app (v0.6.6). Among other improvements, it addresses this issue. Please upgrade and let me know if the SAA style works as expected (you might need to restart Word so that the latest Word plugin is loaded correctly).

That’s fantastic, it works! Thanks very much.